Pastor Tunde Bakare Blasts New APC Party “They Are Bunch Of Looters”

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Pastor Tunde Bakare, the founder of the Latter Rain Ministries in a recent interview talks about the newly approved political party in Nigeria, APC.

The former running mate to General Buhari blasts the member of All Progressives Congress calling them bunch of looters.

Tunde Bakare claims most of the member in this new party are even richer than their states after looting them dry.


You are not sure if you will participate in the 2015 elections?

With who? The collection of rogues, right, left and centre?

Not even with the progressives?

Who are the progressives in Nigeria; mention their names? Are you persuaded that they are progressives,progressive where, taking you where?

The progressives who formed the All Progressive Congress (APC)

If the devil becomes a pastor, Nigerians will attend his church, because they don’t know the true church and they cannot distinguish it from the synagogue of satan.

Some of these governors are far richer than their states, because they are looting their states dry, Tunde Bakare concluded.


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