Get Airtel 4GB Plan With N1500 Unlimited Bb Plan

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Airtel 4GB plan with N1500 unlimited blackberry plan has come to answer the prayers of many Nigerians, making the cost of internet subscription very cheap with unlike before that we pay as high as N5000, N6000, N10,000 for as little as 2GB, 3G, 5GB just for internet connection which will even finish in no distance time. Now with this tips am about to share, You will be able to browse with airtel bis on pc, airtel bis on android, airtel bis on iphone and this will answer queries for airtel 4gb cheat:

Here is how the airtel bis on pc with unlimited airtel blackberry bb plan: What you have to do is simply subscribe to the airtel bis with N1500, with the subscription code which will automatically give you airtel 4GB data for 2 months.

How to check whether your airtel sim is eligible for this unlimited browsing with airtel bis on pc, android e.t.c:
•Just insert your aairtel sim card in any phone.
•Never load any air time on it.
•Then dial this airtel subscription code *440*161#.
•If your airtel sim card is eligible you will receive the following message ‘‘Dear subscriber, your request was not successful because you do not have sufficient balance to activate this service’’ While if your simcard is not eligible you will see ‘’Dear customer, you are not eligible for this offer, kindly call *141*1# to select other blackberry 2+1 offers’’.

With above step, you will know whether you are eligible for the airtel 4GB and ready to browse with airtel bis on pc, android, iphone or any other device.

How to subscribe for airtel 4GB data with airtel blackberry Subscription code
•Insert your sim card in any phone. be it blackberry, java, android, iphone.
•Recharge airtel N1500.
•Then dial this airtel blackberry subscription code *440*161#.
•Once the airtel blackberry subscription code is successful you will receive a message that your airtel blackberry plans was successful.

After this airtel 4GB subscription OR airtel 4GB plan you can now browse the internet with airtel bis on pc as well as browse airtel bis on android till 2 month (two moths). If you think this airtel data plan is costly you can click here to check out how to subscribe for airtel 1GB data plan.


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